We should really just relax.

Welcome to The Annotated MST, your source for obsessively researched Mystery Science Theater 3000 trivia since September 2003. We're a little more than halfway done now, so we anticipate finishing this Herculean task around the time our webmaster's daughter, who was born right before the site was founded, heads off to college (whimper). Please see the FAQ if you'd like more details about what we do here, and enjoy your stay.


We've Redecorated!

And welcome to our brand-new site redesign! It's been twelve years—the curtains were getting a little dusty and the furniture was starting to look a little shabby in the daylight, so we thought it was time to gussy up the place. The basic layout is the same, although we've added a page for our shiny new YouTube videos, and we have a fancy slider up top so you can enjoy our library of ridiculous screen shots. Feel free to look around and stay awhile.

Editor's Note: It has come to our attention that there's a bug in the site that's making it hard to read for people using Internet Explorer. We're working on fixing it. In the meantime, as a workaround, you can go to the Tools menu, select Compatibility View Settings, and add our website. That will make it much more legible. Mea culpa, everyone.

Update 5/23/16: The IE bug seems to be fixed! Let me know if you experience any more problems with the site formatting, but right now, everything seems to be humming along nicely. 


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